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Introducing the New REN Map (Where’s the Rare?)!

The newly added REN Map.

The Rare Epilepsy Network has created a new page for families and clinicians to use! With 80+ organizations partnered with REN, we have made searching for your rare epilepsy organization very simple. Each REN organization is listed based on where its headquarter is located. However, the majority of these organizations serve national and global communities irrespective of where they are headquartered.

We encourage all readers to explore and familiarize themselves with this page. There are a variety of tools you can use in order to find what you are looking for (All instructions will be listed on the page to help you navigate):

  • Use the Newly Added Map – Visit the REN website → Under Resources click on REN Member's Map. Want to see what organizations are in your state? Zoom in and out of the map to find organizations near you. Or if you’re planning an event you might be able to identify some partners.

  • Search Organizations by State Letter – A convenient little list that jumps to the state of whichever letter you choose. Some letters may not function as there are no states with that starting letter.

  • Don’t Know Where Your Organization is Located? – Enter Ctrl/Cmd + F (on windows/mac) → On the upper right corner of your screen type in the name of your organization and press enter.

Find your Rare Epilepsy Community

If you are diagnosed with a rare epilepsy, visit Rare Epilepsy Network’s 80+ members for diagnosis specific information, education, support, and community.

If you are aware of other valued resources or to provide updates or correct errors, please contact:

Disclaimer: All resources are provided as a courtesy. We are not endorsing any organizations or providing medical advice.


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