The Rare Epilepsy Network is comprised of MEMBERS and PARTNERS. It is overseen by a Coordinating Committee comprised of volunteers from the Member Network. It is administered by a Director.


REN MEMBERs directly represent a rare epilepsy constituency and are committed to research and the REN mission and goals. They include Patient Advocacy Groups (PAGs) defined broadly irrespective of legal status (501c3) and may also include support and Facebook groups. REN MEMBERS also include other epilepsy or broader non-profit organizations who share a commitment to research on the rare epilepsies and the REN mission/goals. Groups that are not US-based are welcome to participate, since diseases and research have no boundaries, although some REN activities may focus on the United States funding and policies.


REN PARTNERS include individuals with specific expertise to advise and consult and serve as non-voting members. They also include government, academia, coalitions, researchers, professional associations, and industry. These partners will be engaged on a project-by-project basis and serve as non-voting members.

REN expresses our sincere gratitude to the American Epilepsy Society for serving as our fiscal sponsor.