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Add Your Research Grants to ERC

The Epilepsy Research Connection (ERC) is a repository of epilepsy research funding opportunities from non-profit and government organizations. Investigators can also register to receive new funding announcements. Past funders include American Epilepsy Society, Child Neurology Foundation, CURE Epilepsy, Dravet Syndrome, Epilepsy Foundation, and more.

ERC is the one-stop shop where researchers can search for epilepsy research funding.

If your organization gives grants, be sure to list them on the ERC in addition to your website and other outreach.

Grant types can include research, travel, conference, Training/Fellowship and other categories.

Eligible grantees span Undergrad, Graduate Students, Post Doc/Clinical Fellows and Independent Investigators.

Researchers can search by syndromes, genes, and other categories including: AEDs, biomarkers, epidemiology, genetics, human studies, public health, SUDEP, models and more.

Advanced search also includes funding levels ><$100,000 as well as funding length from 0-2 or 2+ years.

If your interested in posting a grant notice on the Epilepsy Research Connection, please contact for instructions. Additional fields can be added as new types of research are included.

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