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Adulthood Transitions

 Resources for patient transitions from pediatrics to adults.  

What We Are

We coordinated a work group to create tools that could be used by individual organizations to help with patient transitions to adulthood and long-term care considerations. 


A work group developed an Adult Transition Checklist which can be adapted for use by specific organizations.

Adult Transition Checklist

The work group has also made a Google folder with resources for Adulthood Transitions.

Google Resource Folder


Lead: Amanda Moore

Checklist Work Group: 

Shelley Frappier, Cute Syndrome

Anne Karch, Dup14q

Dena Hook, Tuberous Sclerosis Alliance

Diane Linnehan, PMSF


Future Planning Tool Work Group:

Glenna Steele, Glut1

Charlene Son Rigby, STXBP1

Audrey Vernick,  Brain Recovery

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